We all die at the end
Sergio. 1995. Majorca, Spain. Student. Books. Strategic games. Percy Jackson. Harry Potter. Mythology.
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S2 + colours

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Andreas Volwahsen

Living Architecture: India - 1969

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Rize: There are times when you have to give up on one thing to preserve the other. Your mother couldn’t do that. That isn’t kindness. That’s just being weak. Can you still stay on the side that gets hurt? Will you accept me?

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New look inside Diagon Alley at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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Baalbek by ~haoma

Known as Heliopolis during the period of Roman rule, it was one of the largest sanctuaries in the empire and contains some of the best preserved Roman ruins in Lebanon. Wiki

Harmonic Convergence has caused a shift in the planet’s energy. I can feel it. Things will never be the same again. We’re entering a new age.

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"I put my heart and soul into my work, and I have lost my mind in the process." 

— Vincent van Gogh

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Travelling with Richard Miles:

Temple of Jupiter (pictures 1,2) and Temple of Bacchus (picture 3), Baalbek, Lebanon

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HARRY POTTER HISTORY MEME → three historical witches [2/3] » Wendelin the Weird 

Wendelin the Weird was a witch who lived in the Middle Ages. She allowed herself to be caught 47 times in various disguises by witch-hunters, who tried to burn her at the stake. With the use of a Flame-Freezing Charm, however, the flames were rendered harmless, creating only a gentle tickling sensation which Wendelin enjoyed.

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SLYTHERIN APPRECIATION WEEK → day five » favourite dynamic between two slytherins 
↳ Bellatrix Black and Narcissa Black

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make me choose: anonymous asked
ahs: asylum or murder house

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Flower | thatgamecompany 2009

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